Lara-Marie Obermaier

Lara'Marie Obermaier Heilpraktikerin Schamanin


7 days Mystic Woman. 7 days on the path to your true womanhood. Come close to yourself in the mystical atmosphere of Lanzarote. In the Mystic Woman Medicine Wheel, you experience sacred, ancient initiations:

In a magical full moon ceremony, in 3 excursions to magical places on the island, which is a remnant of Atlantis. You experience yourself in all facets of being a woman. Girl, mother, wise woman, mystic, goddess. You heal your wounds in each of these facets.

The Mystic Woman Medicine is healing in the sense of becoming whole as a woman. Our instruments during this week are:

  • Fieldhealing energy and frequency medicine
  • Guided healing journeys into high dimensions
  • Fieldhealing constellations
  • Uncovering transgenerational women’s patterns through World War and Inquisition
  • Body-centered work
  • Archetype experience
  • Trancedance
  • Learning to master intuition
  • Sacred initiations

The Mystic Woman Medicine Wheel is your way to live your life

  • self-loving
  • completely powerful
  • sovereign
  • attractive
  • sensual
  • accepting yourself
  • decisive
  • with an open heart
  • to live and enjoy.

Listen to the podcast about Mystic Woman now, including meditation! (German)

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Lanzarote Mystic Women
Lanzarote Mystic Women